This blog is dedicated to the many pairings in the Supernatural fandom involving two (or more...) of the angels.


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Last Day for Writers Sign Up!


Today is the last fay for writers to sign up, artists sign ups go till April to sign up. 

So far we have: Gabriel/Lucifer, Michael/Lucifer, Calthazar, Casifer, Sasifer and some gen. Cant wait to see the final works!

Anonymous asked: Spn - Michifer - first time


It’s the beginning of the world, and Michael has crept to the edge of his cage and beheld his brother for the first time. They are born adult, full of reverence for all creation, and they come together in the spirit of that reverence, trembling with it and anxious to touch and sense all they can before they are called on to do the greater work of setting the world aspin.

Lucifer’s urge is to dominate, Michael’s to submit, and when Lucifer tastes his brother’s skin it’s as though he can taste a sunrise yet to be conceived of. He sinks in rich and full and deep, and from there Michael’s quaking of pleasure sets waves to the newly formed oceans. They set the world spinning with the pressure of their hands, their bodies setting fire to the stars like great bellows that echo through space. And when their eyes meet, the first crisis of climax in the history of creation, the electricity there resonates through the planet far beneath them and sparks life.


“Ironic, isn’t it?  What was it you said—a walking blasphemy?”

“I dunno.  Human looks pretty good on you, actually.”

“You would think so.  Well, go on, take a swing.  You know you want to.  I won’t even duck.”

“Nah, think I’ll pass.   It’d feel kind of anticlimactic at this point.”

“Then forgive me?”

“A long time ago.”

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spn meme: nine relationships - castiel and anna

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Anonymous asked: Supernatural. Lucifer/Gabriel. Dirty talk, facial.


“I want it,” Gabriel croaks, bright eyes trained on Lucifer’s hand, watching hungrily as it moved frantically over his hard dick, his own hands moving up Lucifer’s thighs, “brother, please!”

Lucifer groaned pulling Gabriel closer by his hair, until he could feel his breath washing warm and moist over his dick, “You want me to paint your face, cover you with my come?”

“Yes,” Gabriel moans tilting his head back, licking his lips and making Lucifer moan, “yes, spread it all over me, get it on my face.”

Groaning, Lucifer pulled hard, come spitting out of his dick and falling on Gabriel’s face in white stripes, he stroked and squeezed until he was completely dry and Gabriel was covered in his come, a few drops falling into his open mouth much to his brother’s obvious delight.

“Whore,” Lucifer says affectionately as he rubs a few of the pearly lines into Gabriel’s skin, before pushing his come covered fingers into Gabriel’s eager mouth to be sucked clean.

Anonymous asked: Supernatural. Pairing: Micabe (Michael/Gabe). Prompt: Michael finally finds Gabriel again after thousands of years of searching. Gabriel expects the older archangel to be angry with him for running away, but gets a surprise.


Gabriel had expected many things from his brother, the brother he’d abandoned so long ago, and had hidden from ever since; anger, hurt, betrayal, righteous rage, Gabriel had expected it all.

What he hadn’t expected was his silence, the intense stare as Michael stared through his flesh and saw him —truly saw him— inside; he hadn’t expected the slow, painful looking smile that stretched across Michael’s face or the tears that gathered and spilled over; he definitely wasn’t expecting to be caught up and reeled into a crushing hug as his brother all but sobbed his name.

A powerful, all encompassing presence enfolded Gabriel, and he found himself blinking away tears at the achingly familiar sensation of his brother holding him so tightly their Grace blurred together, mixing at the edges in a way they hadn’t for far too long.

Each and every one of Michael’s wings wrapped gently around him, pulling him closer as he whispered fierce words of love, pressing kisses to Gabriel’s face and pressing his very self into Gabriel.

Gabriel gasped and reeled at the sensation, basking in the heady love he felt from his brother and completely overwhelmed as Michael pulled them together so much closer than they ever had been before, Gabriel groaned and clutched Michael tighter, whispering, “I missed you too.”

↳ picspam meme- cas & raphael + my emotions [for maz]
I remember being at a shoreline, watching a little grey fish heave itself up on the beach. And an older brother saying, “Don’t step on that fish, Castiel, big plans for that fish.”

picspam meme- cas & raphael + my emotions [for maz]

I remember being at a shoreline, watching a little grey fish heave itself up on the beach. And an older brother saying, “Don’t step on that fish, Castiel, big plans for that fish.”

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Anonymous asked: Spn, Lubriel (Lucifer/Gabriel): Persuading Gabriel to join his cause.


“Don’t you see?” Lucifer croons, pressing his lips up against Gabriel’s neck and winding his fingers in tight laces around his stomach and hipbone. “The world becomes ours, little brother, and we can do whatever we want to, with it.” Gabriel groans, settling back on the intrusion of Lucifer’s cock, feeling full and warm and ever so tempted to just give in; his brother has always been able to move him so well, touch him in the secret places he loves to be touched, and it’s hard not be swayed by him now.

He rocks on Lucifer, murmurs “Tempting,” and as the hellfire builds up in his gut, he thinks about all the wonderful, delicious things he could partake of in Lucifer’s new world… and how many he’d lose to get there. So, as he pushes himself toward orgasm, now shamelessly using the body that’s supposed to be using him, he makes up his mind… a decision he won’t tell Lucifer about until it’s too late.

that’s it, it’s split, it won’t recoverjust frame the halves and call them a whole 

that’s it, it’s split, it won’t recover
just frame the halves and call them a whole 

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